Most immigrant churches develop an English-speaking generation of members who receive all the same Bible sermons, and yet exercise less than half of the influence in the church's leadership.  Buying new property, cleaning the campus, budgeting for equipment--these things are largely decided by the parent congregation's leaders.  So what does it mean for English-speaking adult members to actively serve their local body?  Is the only way to serve your local body restricted to either joining a band or teaching in youth group?  This year's conference will explore the responsibility that inherently comes with being an adult in God's Church as we launch our first annual Second Nature Summer Bible Conference.    Dates: September 27 (Friday, 4pm) to 29 (Sunday, noon)
   Location: Pine Valley Bible Conference Center
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   Cost: $135 per adult
         $67.50 per child (age 3-11)
         $0.00 per infant (age 0-2)

0.  Train (precursor to BUILD Conference)
1.  Attitudes to Build the Church (Rand Cho) - 1 Cor 12
2.  Discussion Panel
3.  Commission to Build the Church (Joe Suh) - Matt 28
4.  Gifts to Build the Church (Howard Kim) - Eph 4


Rand Cho
Founder/Director of Second Nature
General Session & Seminar Speaker
English Ministry Pastor at Inverse Ministries
Daniel "Reggae" Lee
Worship Director
Elementary Pastor of Seeds Ministry
Howard Kim
General Session Speaker
English Ministry Pastor at Together Community Church
Joe Suh
General Session Speaker
Senior Pastor at The Exchange Church 
Steven Choi
Conference Presider

English Ministry Pastor at Orange Korean Evangelical Church 
Johnny Tsai
Co-Founder of Second Nature
Worship Co-Director
English Ministry Pastor at Home of Christians
Patrick Cho
Junior High Pastor of Roots Ministry


Rachel Lee
Program Director
Catherine Chang
Representative for A-Life Church
Assistant Program Director
Joanne Lee
First Aid Officer
Assistant Program Director
Christopher Lee
Activity Coordinator
David Ghim
Facilities Administrator
Robert Lee
Kitchen Crew Executive Chef
Sam "Qtip" Chung
Kitchen Crew
Christine Cho
Kitchen Crew
Jason "Vegeta" Lee
Fundraiser Coordinator