sermon archive

current sermon series:

Mark – The Call to Follow (current)


New Testament Sermons:

The Gospels & Acts

Matthew - Jesus, King of the Jews (39 weeks)


Luke - Good News to the Poor (17 weeks)

John - Jesus, God in Flesh (26 weeks)

Acts - The Movement of the Holy Spirit (8 weeks)


The Pauline Epistles

Romans - The Gospel According to Paul (12 weeks, 5 appendices)

1 Corinthians - Church Problems (23 weeks, 5 appendices)

2 Corinthians - Godly Strength Over Human Weakness (7 weeks)

Galatians – Free From the Law (6 weeks)

Ephesians – Our Oneness in Christ (8 weeks)

Philippians – The Joy of the Lord (6 weeks)


1&2 Thessalonians

1&2 Timothy


Philemon - Forgiven to Forgive (1 week)


The General Epistles

Hebrews - From Judaism to Jesus (7 weeks)

James - The Spiritual Growth Manual (7 weeks)

1&2 Peter - Having a Heavenly Perspective (4 weeks)

1-3 John - Living in God's Light and Love (4 weeks)

Jude - Contending for the Faith (1 week)


The Apocalypse

Revelation - Revealing the Victory of Jesus (16 weeks, 6 appendices)


Old Testament Bible Studies

The Pentateuch

Genesis - The Beginning of God's People (17 weeks)

Exodus - The Gospel of Moses (7 weeks)

Leviticus - Israel's Worship Manual (4 weeks)

Numbers - The Journey to the Promised Land (5 weeks)

Deuteronomy - Three Sermons by Moses (5 weeks)


The History of Israel

Joshua - Conquering the Promised Land (3 weeks)

Judges - Israel's Increasing Apostasy (8 weeks)

Ruth - The Kindness of a Savior (1 week)

1 Samuel - The Rise of King David (13 weeks)

2 Samuel - The Reign of King David (9 weeks)

Kings - The Fall of the Monarchy (current)

Chronicles – The Lesser Kings of the Jews



Joel – Locusts, Armies, and the Day of the Lord (1 week)

Jonah – God Who Is Abounding in Steadfast Love

Amos – God’s Judgment During Israel’s Prosperity (1 week)

Obadiah – God’s Judgment Against Edom

Hosea – God’s Love for Adulterous Israel

Isaiah – The Holy One of Israel and His Covenant People

Micah – The Injustice of Judah

Nahum - God's Judgment Against Assyria

Zephaniah - The Nearness of the Day of the Lord

Jeremiah - Foretelling Disaster from Babylon

Habakkuk - Two Complaints and a Prayer



Daniel – God’s Everlasting Kingdom

Ezekiel – The Imminent Exile of Jerusalem

Ezra – The Return from Exile

Haggai – The Call to Rebuild God’s House

Zechariah – The Return of God

Esther – The Origin of the Feast of Purim

Nehemiah – The Restoration of the Temple

Malachi – Calling Israel Back into Covenant


The Wisdom Books

Job – When Bad Things Happen to God’s People (8 weeks)

Ecclesiastes - The Meaning of Life (3 weeks)

Song of Solomon - The Guidebook to Godly Love (5 weeks)


Topical Series

THE BIBLE – What We Know about This Ancient Document (5 weeks)

THE CHURCH – How to Come Together as the People of God (7 weeks)

THE HOLY SPIRIT – Our Great Helper (5 weeks)

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS – That You May Not Sin (34 weeks)

The Twelve Disciples – The Kinds of People that God Uses (8 weeks)

The Lord's Prayer – Jesus’ Taught Us How to Pray (8 weeks)

The Last Week of Jesus – How Did Jesus Spend the Final Week of His Life? (7 weeks)

How God Sees Me (6 weeks)

Angelology - A Study of Angels, Demons, and Satan (3 weeks)

Catholicism – The Counterfeit Gospel (6 weeks)

Marijuana & Narcotics (part 1) and (part 2)

Duets - Two Voices, One Song (3 weeks)

Leadership Seminar 2017

     Leadership Standards (Rand)

     Emotionally Healthy Leaders (Patrick)

     Walking with Those in Your Care (Jazz)

Women’s Retreat



     Sarah & Hagar

The Season of Giving:

1)      When Life is Good (Patrick Cho)

2)      Blessed to Be a Blessing (“Jazz” Daniel Choi)

3)      Generous God, Generous People (Jon Wood)

4)      Ministers of Mercy (Jason Ko)




Romans 1: Homosexuality

Romans 5: The Wrong Perspective on Paul

Romans 9: Can a Christian Lose Salvation?

Romans 11: The Identity and Destiny of Israel

Romans 13: Questions about Politics

1 Corinthians 14:  Miracles and the Gift of Miracles

1 Corinthians 14:  Healing and the Gift of Healing

1 Corinthians 14:  Questions about Tongues

1 Corinthians 16:  Concerning the Collection (16:1-4)

1 Corinthians 16:  Ten Ways Paul was Ministry-Minded (16:5-24)

1 Timothy 2: The Role of Men and Women

Revelation 7: Rapture, Tribulation, and the Day of the Lord

Revelation 7: The Antichrist (part 1): The Abomination of Desolation

Revelation 7: The Antichrist (part 2): The Man of Lawlessness

Revelation 20: The Debate of the Millennium

Revelation 20: Hell

Revelation 21: Heaven



When God Seems Distant

Christmas 2017 – Peace on Earth

Church as a Community (1 week)

The Seven Mile Journey (1 week)

The Bible - A Big Picture Look (an overview of the structure of the entire Bible) (1 week)

The Theology of Baptism (1 week)

Responding to Natural Disaster – a formal response to the recent earthquake near Japan on March 11th, 2011. (1 week)

The Inn, the Manger, and Other Popular Myths – A Response to Christmas Misunderstandings (1 week)

Jordan Talitha Cho - Joy in the Tears (1 week)

A Testimony on Jordan and Shiloh - preached 11 hours before the birth of our second daughter (1 week)

How to Know if You’re a Christian

What Happens After Death