Jesus, king of the Jews

I.  Narrative 1: The Prophecied King of Israel

                A.  Behold, the King (1:1-17)

                B.  Announcing the Birth of the King (1:18-2:1)

                C.  Reactions to the Birth of the King (2:1-23)

                D.  The Herald of the King (3:1-17)

                E.  The Authority of the King (4:1-25)


II.  Discourse 1: The King's Decree Against External Religion (The Sermon on the Mount)

                A.  The Beginning of Blessing (5:1-16)

                B.  The Fulfillment of Righteousness (5:17-48)

                C.  The Worship in Secret (6:1-18)

                D.  The Treasure in Heaven (6:19-34)

                E.  The Measure of Judgment (7:1-12)

                F.  The End of Religion (7:13-28)


III.  Narrative 2: The Power of the King

                A.  The Power to Heal the Sick (8:1-17)

                B.  The Power Beyond All Other Powers (8:18-9:13)

                                Appendix: Angelology - A Study of Angels, Demons, and Satan

                C.  The Power to Make Us New (9:14-36)


IV.  Discourse 2: The Missions Discourse

                A.  The King's Mission (9:37-11:1)


V.  Narrative 3: Israel's Reactions to the King

                A.  The Reaction of Doubt (11:2-30)

                B.  The Reaction of Rejection (12:1-50)


VI.  Discourse 3: The Revealing of the Kingdom (The Parabolic Discourse)

                A.  The Foundation of the Kingdom (13:1-23)

                B.  The Revealing of the Kingdom (13:24-43)


VII.  Narrative 4: The Revealing of the King

                A.  Who the King Really Is (13:44-14:36)

                B.  Who the People Really Are (15:1-32)

                C.  What the Church Really Is (15:33-16:23)

                D.  What Faith Really Is (16:24-17:23)


VIII.  Discourse 4: The Children of God (The Community Discourse)

                A.  Being a Child of God (18:1-4)

                B.  Being the Children of God (18:5-35)


IX.  Narrative 5: The First and the Last

                A.  The First and the Last in the World (19:1-30)

                B.  The First and the Last in the Kingdom (20:1-34)

                C.  The Kingdom vs the King's Identity (21:1-22)

                D.  The Kingdom vs the King's Authority (21:23-22:14)

                E.  The Kingdom vs the King's Wisdom (22:15-41)

                F.  The King vs the Kingdom's Hypocrisy (23:1-36)


X.  Discourse 5: The Olivet Discourse

                A.  The Beginning of Birth Pains (24:1-14)

                B.  The Return of Jesus Christ (24:15-35)

                C.  Until That Day (24:36-25:46)


XI.  Narrative 6: The Murdered King

                A.  Preparing for the Death of Jesus (26:1-35)

                B.  When All Else Fails...Except the Plan of God (26:36-27:10)

                C.  Wicked Men, Worthy King (27:11-56)

                D. Resurrected Christ, Repurposed Christian (27:57-28:20)