The Future of Godís People


I.         The Condemnation of Judah (1:1-39:8)

a.       The Guilt of Godís People (1:1-5:30)

b.       The Judgment on Godís People (6:1-12:6)

c.       The End of Godís Enemies (13:1-27:13)

d.       The Sound of Godís Laments (28:1-35:10)

e.       Interlude: The King and Godís Prophet (36:1-39:8)


II.      The Future Events (40:1-66:24)

a.       Salvation from Babylon: The Comfort for Godís Exiles (40:1-48:22)

b.       Salvation from Our Sin (part 1): The Plan of Godís Salvation (49:1-57:13)

Salvation from Our Sin (part 2): The Gospel of Godís Son (52:13-53:12)

c.       Salvation from the Curse: The Triumph of Godís Glory (54:1-66:24)