Hunter's Greatest Commandments

My cat is very blessed, and I tell him every day.
He only needs to eat and rest, and poop his poop away.

And so I told him "Hunter dear, I think your life is good."
He simply purred and scratched his ear.  I doubt he understood.

But yesterday was very strange, He gave me lots of stuff.
I don't know what could cause the change, but now he's not so tough.

He seemed to now appreciate what goodness I give out.
And now he tried to reciprocate, to love me much, no doubt.

He offered me his feather toy but I said, "That is mine,
I bought that for when you're a good boy."  He frowned and said "K, fine."

He then picked up his litter box and brought it to my bed.
I said, "That needs to get de-toxed.  Don't put it near my head."

And so he found his little bowls that hold his 'bread and wine',
And realized I bought it all--that everything is mine.

Perplexed and sad he came to me, and asked, "What can I give?"
"There is a way to give me glee," I said, "It's how you live.

"Don't scratch, don't claw, don't irritate the guests that I invite.
Just love them, be affectionate, and most of all, don't bite."

He licked my hand and kissed my face, I think he finally knew
That love for me and for our guests is all he needs to do.

I'm sure you see the parallel, it's like our God and us.
There's nothing we can give or tell to earn his godly trust.

Just love your neighbor and your lord, that's all He asks of you.
He says that in His perfect Word, that's all we need to do


Hunter's Entry

Well, my cat Hunter and I were talking tonight about what dreams mean.  We brainstormed for a while and came to a really interesting line of thought that we really wanted to share.  He asked if he could type it this time, since I always do the typing before, so I said okay.  So here he is everyone, Hunter and his thoughts on dreams:
    Meow.  Meow meow meow meow.  Meow meow-meow meooowwww meow Meow meow meow.  Meow meow.
    MEOW: Meow meow meow.
    Meow: Meow?
    MEOW:  Meow meow meow meow meow.
    Meow: Meow meow meow meow meow.
    MEOW: Meow meow.
    Meow: RAWR!!!
    MEOW: Meow.
    Meow: Meow meow meow?
    MEOW: Meow meow 'RAWR' meow.
    Meow: Meow.
Dude, I don't know where he comes up with this stuff.  He needs to write a book


Cat Fur


I have a cat.  I love him much.
I hug him everyday.
He leaves his fur upon my shirt.
I hug him anyway.

I went to lunch to meet with Tim
But did not clean my shirt.
He laughed and said I looked unkempt
But I did not feel hurt.

I raised hands with dignity
To show him I don't care.
I'm proud to wear the extra layer
Of my cat's fallen hair.

His jokes have no effect on me.
These things I am above.
For I have with me everywhere
The evidence of love.

For everytime I take my cat
And hold him close to me
I hope to take a part of him
A hair, a stain, a flea.

And when you see me then you know
Before I say a word
That I love him and he loves me.
You know it from the fur.

And now I wish to elaborate
On things we call divine.
I wish that too my life would be
On earth a Heaven sign.

Can someone see from how I live
That God is my first love?
And will they know without a word
That my heart's set above?

As if that I could hug my God
And get his fur on me
My life would show the whole wide world
My first love it is He.